Bihar Institute of Technology (B.I.T. Sindri), Jharkhand

Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri which is popularly known as BIT, Sindri, is definitely a best engineering institution in Jharkhand, India. An college better studying, BIT offers AICTE authorized postgraduate,doctoral applications and undergraduate program.BIT Sindri is definitely the only govt. engineering college of Jharkhand district.

The college is certainly financed as well as implemented through the Dept associated with Technology and science, Federal government of Jharkhand, Ranchi and is also educationally connected to help Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag to get carrying out exams and awards college diplomas. BIT has brought funds through the World Bank for projects.
The Bihar Institute of Technology (BIT) had been started on 1949 as the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering College at Patna. Within 1950 it had been moved to Sindri and therefore BIT Sindri was created along with 1 Principal, 3 lecturer and 60 pupils. In the early years, the institution experienced diploma programs in the feild of electrical and mechanical engineering.
The goal of the government to move BIT to Sindri would have allow it to be the earliest IIT of India, however, with regard to politics factors, IIT Kharagpur was created the first IIT and BIT remained BIT.

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